Here’s Why Online Tutoring Is a Valuable Resource to Your Family

Most, if not all, modern students have extremely busy schedules. From school and homework to sports and clubs, not to mention time for family and friends, parents may imagine it would be difficult to make room for tutoring. This is not the case, however–Boston Tutoring Services offers in-home tutoring and makes every possible effort to fit your schedule. But did you know that we also offer tutoring online? Our experienced tutors can just as easily offer their expert services over the web as in person. That’s why online tutoring is such a valuable resource for your family. 

Online tutoring is highly effective method for supporting students in the Private School or College Admission process. Admission Coaches help your child determine school choices, work on applications, develop and finalize admission essays, and perfect interviewing skills.

Many families contact us from outside the Boston area looking for top-notch tutors, and now you can choose the best tutor fit for your child regardless of location! Online tutoring can be a valuable resource for your child to receive the same tutoring services anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

Online tutoring valuable resourceBoston Tutoring Services offers downloadable teaching resources and proprietary materials for shared use. Tutors share resources and materials prior to tutoring sessions so students can access these and work on them during sessions. Additionally, tutors assign personalized materials for your child to work with between sessions.

Whether you are working on ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, HSPT, or Boston Latin Exam prep, our test prep tutors utilize Skype/FaceTime, as well as to maximize instruction and screen share with your child. For K-12 Academic Subject Tutoring, students can engage with tutors using these interfaces and also play online games that support their academic growth.

Contact us today at 781-248-4558 or to learn more about online tutoring options for your child. 

Allison Green
Boston Tutoring Services

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