Karen M., Boston

Boston Tutoring Services provided just what our family needed.  My son Ryan needed help preparing for the ISEE this fall.  Having a highly qualified, trained tutor come to our house was perfect for our schedule.  I cannot say enough good things about Brian Campbell.  Brian was on time and prepared every week.  Brian taught Ryan new material, reviewed the basics and provided guidance/strategies on test taking.  He gave reasonable amounts of homework, reviewed any questions Ryan had and was available to answer any of my questions.  If I wanted Brian to cover any additional material or try a different approach, Brian was always happy to do so.  Ryan enjoyed working with Brian and seemed to miss the sessions once they ended.
I checked out a number of tutoring services before going forward with Boston Tutoring Services.  There are a number of tutoring groups that charge twice as much for small group at their inconvenient location.  Some services have you take a pre-test to see if you qualify for their tutoring!  Boston Tutoring Services provided one-on-one tutoring, in my home with a highly qualified tutor.
I’m so happy we found them!  And in particular, I am thrilled that Brian Campbell worked with Ryan.  Brian is easy going, a great teacher and really connected with Ryan.  Ryan was well prepared and confident when he took the test.   Another positive outcome of prepping for the test is that it has really helped Ryan in school.  Reading comprehension techniques and the algebra and geometry learned can be applied throughout his schoolwork.  This service was worth every penny.
I would highly recommend this company and in particular, Brian Campbell.
3 months later…I just wanted to thank you both for helping my son Ryan.  Notifications went out yesterday and Ryan got into Boston Latin School (BLS).  He was also accepted at BC High (the only private school he applied to). He hasn’t made his decision yet but has two great choices.  Thanks again!