High School Study Abroad Programs

While high school is an exciting time of learning and discovery, student’s rarely get the opportunity to experience the world outside of the classroom. These experiences are valuable, preparing students for college and the job market by immersing themselves in a different culture and gaining a better understanding of world. An excellent way for a student to get this experience is by participating in a study abroad program. There are many options and opportunities for students to expand their horizons.

When should a student go abroad?

Many high school students study abroad during their junior year, so they do not miss out on the festivities of their senior year. However, many study abroad programs are flexible. Students who go during an academic year can choose if they want to go for one semester or two.  There are summer programs, that last only the duration of students’ summer vacation, as well as gap year programs, that students can participate in after they graduate high school. Students can tailor their program to their needs.

What kind of programs are available?

There are many different types of programs a student can explore. An academic-based program will give students the chance to attend school and interact with their peers in a different country. A service-learning program has students performing volunteer work for the community they are placed in. Language-immersion programs focus on the students development of a foreign language. There are also internship and teaching opportunities abroad. Despite the type of program that a student chooses, they are sure to get an educational and rewarding experience.

Where can a student go?

Anywhere! Different programs offer different destinations. Some programs offer placements in Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, and Spain, to name a few.   

What does a student gain?

Depending on the program, students can gain academic credit. But all students who embark on a study abroad program will gain valuable experience, cultural immersion, and an amazing addition to their resume!


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