High School Study Abroad Programs

While high school is an exciting time of learning and discovery, student’s rarely get the opportunity to experience the world outside of the classroom. These experiences are valuable, preparing students for college and the job market by immersing themselves in a different culture and gaining a better understanding of world. An excellent way for a student to get this experience is by participating in a study abroad program. There are many options and opportunities for…

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Benefits of Service-Learning

Service-learning can be a wonderful tool for taking students outside of the classroom. There are many benefits of service-learning for students, teachers, and the community alike. Essentially, it is a research-based teaching and learning strategy that engages students in service to meet learning objectives and address real-world issues. As an example, I participated in a service-learning project in the spring of 2016 while taking a Victorian Fiction class at UMass Lowell. This class involved many…

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