Best Extracurriculars for College Apps

While different schools put different stock in extracurriculars, almost every college considers them when deciding which students to admit. For example, the University of South Florida ranks extracurricular activities just behind grades, difficulty of coursework, and standardized test scores in terms of importance. The right high school activities can make a big difference during the admissions process. According to a study by California State University, Sacramento, extracurricular activities are positively correlated with attendance, GPA, test…

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Enhance Your Child’s College Application and Gain Life Experience Through Volunteering

You may know that volunteering is an important added value on your child’s college application. Common App has an “Activities” section for students to fill in with their community service and volunteer hours, so it is something colleges expect to see. It is a win-win situation, as volunteer work is incredibly important both for the community it serves, and for the volunteers themselves. The ability to selflessly donate one’s time to the greater good is…

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