Self Care Tips for Students over the Holidays

Students and teachers are enjoying winter break, and excitement is running high! It is hard to believe we have completed the first four months of school and we are approaching a new year. After the winter performances and class parties are over, we spend time with the people we love to ring in the new year. It’s so important to keep self care tips in mind throughout this time. 

One challenge of the holiday season is that we often lose sight of ourselves. Some of us are energized by social gatherings, while others find it takes a lot of our energy to be social. If you are in a social setting and feel drained or anxious, take a 10-minute break and do something to bring yourself back to a centered space. Allow children to do this as well. Practice deep breathing by dropping your shoulders and breathing out slowly. Students, teachers, and parents alike should keep these key points in mind for holiday self-care: 

  1. Spend a few minutes each day to quietly do something you love
  2. Get support from relationships–your family and friends are there for you and want to help
  3. Get up a bit earlier than everyone else and sip some tea
  4. Take a walk during the day, both to get moving and to clear your mind
  5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating regular meals
  6. Allow time for small moments of relaxation like a bath or reading for pleasure–whatever relaxes you
  7. Journal to get your thoughts and feelings out on a page–it might allow you to let them go for the time being
  8. Play music that is grounding to you

Be sure to practice self care right through the break and back into the school year again. Happy holidays and keep these self care tips in mind! 

Allison Green
Boston Tutoring Services

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