Dance Extracurricular Options for Kids

Dancing is a fantastic way for your child to express themselves physically while having fun! However, with all of the different types of dance classes that you can sign your child up for, figuring out which class is right can be tricky. The good news is, there’s no wrong pick! All dance classes for kids are a wonderful way to help your child experience exercise in a fun and creative way. Not only will your child get to express themselves, they’ll also improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. No matter what your child is interested in, there is a type of dance suitable for them. Here are just a few of the different options available to them.

1. Hip-hop is only getting more popular with children, making it a great style for them to learn! Each dance tells a story in an explosive and energized fashion. Once your child is experienced enough with hip-hop, they can even move on to breakdancing, which is a freestyle form of hip-hop.

2. Ballroom dancing is great for children who love classical styles of dancing and music, as well as children that prefer to dance in groups. There are many styles of ballroom dancing, all with their own specific rules and techniques, so your child will have plenty of different learning opportunities!

3. Jazz dancing is extremely energetic and follows suit with jazz music. It involves jumping, twirling, and fast footwork to make expressive routines! This type of dance is great for creative children as it encourages improvisation and experimentation.

4. Modern/contemporary style, also known as lyrical dancing, is more complex and involves a combination of several different types of dancing, including classical and ballet. Each dance tells a specific story through its routine, making it great for creative children. This type of dance is great for building strength and flexibility in children. Its graceful movements make it as fun to watch as it is to learn!

5. Ballet is a more refined style of dance built off of beauty and graceful motions. It requires a lot of skill to master but is a fun and interesting style of dance to learn and perform. During lessons, your child will learn all about balance, technique, and form from their teacher.

6. Tap dancing is a combination of percussion and dance. When dancing, expect to wear special shoes with metal pieces built in. Sounds like every parent’s nightmare, right? Guess again! The rhythmic sounds they make as they dance actually sound great. The movement and the stepping lead to a lovely harmonization. This is a very lively and energetic dance that is perfect for children with a lot of energy to burn! It can help teach your child about rhythm and performance.

7. Musical theater is a wonderful idea if your child loves to act as much as they love to dance! Not only will they be able to express themselves through movement, they can also show off their acting and singing abilities. There are many genres of musical theater to explore, and each involves a different style. That makes musical theater great for children who love to learn or aren’t sure what type of dancing they want to try.

If your child wants to take dance classes but isn’t sure which type, how can you help them decide? A big factor in dance is the energy level that the dance requires. For example, jazz and hip-hop dancing involve more energy, whereas ballet or ballroom dances require more focus on rules, technique, and style. Figure out whether your child prefers a style that focuses more on technique or expression to get a better idea of what type of dance class to sign them up for. After that, it’s all about your child’s personal preference and experimentation with different hobbies! Don’t be afraid to let your child try out different types of dances, even if they fail.

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