COVID Vaccines for Kids Under 5 Now Becoming Available

Parents of children under 5 could be able to get their youngest family members vaccinated as soon as next week after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the vaccines by Modern and Pfizer on Friday. COVID vaccines for kids under 5 are slowly rolling out around the US as of June 21, 2022. Children under 5 are the last age group to become eligible for COVID vaccines. While only 3% of U.S. COVID cases were…

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5 Ways to Stop Summer Colds in their Tracks

Perhaps the only respite pandemic closures brought to to families was freedom from the constant misery of summer colds, complete with all the dripping noses, sneezes, and coughs. And statistics suggest we weren’t the only ones who had fewer colds last year: with daycares and in-person schools closed and widespread use of masks and hand sanitizer in most communities, cases of many seasonal respiratory infections went down, and flu cases dropped off a cliff. That…

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Talking to Kids About Weight: 13 Do’s and Don’ts

Addressing weight with your child is a sensitive matter—you want them to be healthy, but also want them to accept their body. Weight is an incredibly fraught topic as well as an imperfect indicator of health. As parents, a kid’s sudden weight gain can be hard to know how to tackle. The last thing we’d want is to set the stage for poor body image or eating disorders for our children. Here are some tips on…

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