Elementary School

How to Teach Close Reading to Elementary Students

Addressing the differing needs of students can make teaching reading a daunting task. Students are expected to have a deep understanding of what they read and provide answers grounded in text. One way for students to interact with the text is through close reading, which can become a powerful classroom tool for fiction and nonfiction texts across grade levels. Teaching close reading to younger students is very doable–here’s how. SETTING THE STAGE At the beginning…

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How Do You Explain Social-Emotional Learning In the Classroom?

The recent shift toward social-emotional learning (SEL)–accelerated by the shift to remote teaching and learning and the isolation of a global pandemic–is, of course, a wonderful thing. If nothing else, it’s a nod to the idea that students are first people. Emotion drives us as human beings–our brains literally, for example. Emotion enhances our ability to form vivid memories of even trivial events. Norepinephrine (NE), a neuromodulator released during emotional arousal, plays a central role…

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6 Podcasts Elementary Schoolers Will Love

Podcasts have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and it’s more commonplace than not for adults to have a few favorites. It’s basically radio that is personalized to a topic in which you are especially interested–what’s not to like? Kids can also join in the trend! See our list below for some great podcasts for elementary age children.  1. Tumble: Science is brought to life in this podcast that tells stories about…

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