Tracy J., Roslindale, MA

We decided to hire a tutor with Boston Tutoring Services after my son Isaac received low scores on his first round of the SSAT. He’s a smart kid so I didn’t know why he performed so poorly on the test. After Andrew Carr’s first session with Isaac, he clearly identified Isaac’s strengths and weaknesses and proposed solutions for filling certain knowledge gaps and improving Isaac’s test taking strategies. Isaac is somewhat shy and Andrew was the perfect tutor for him. He really felt comfortable with Andrew and Andrew’s teaching style. On the day of the retake exam, Isaac felt prepared and empowered. In hindsight, I should have signed him up for tutoring with Boston Tutoring Services long before he took the test the first time because I’m certain he would have really benefited from working with Andrew longer. But, I am proud to report that Isaac improved his overall score by 40 percentage points! Thanks Andrew and thanks Alexandra. We’ll see you in three years when he starts preparing to take the SAT.