Public Speaking is Necessary

Public speaking very commonly causes discomfort and anxiety. Most students who are not required to take a public speaking course try to avoid it all together. The truth is a public speaking course may come off as intimidating, but is known to help build someone’s confidence. Many students assume presenting in the classroom will be the only time public speaking is necessary, but it’s usually just the beginning. Public speaking can be an essential qualification in many occupations. It can also can be necessary at many events, such as accepting or distributing an award. A public speaking course can only benefit professional interaction moving forward.  

Body language and eye contact are two important components in public speaking. Looking people in the eye when speaking displays engagement and passion toward the material. Having great posture while addressing a specific matter shows that you are professional and devoted to the cause you are representing. Sometimes walking around and using gestures can help calm the nerves and can also grasp your audience’s attention. Something as easy as smiling will also bring more energy to your presentation. Most importantly, don’t forget to take deep breaths. Many people who are nervous tend to talk fast and they forget to take a breath; this usually results into a rushed presentation and a unsettled voice.

Knowing how to speak among a group of people professionally and comfortably can help you succeed in your profession. The course may not make your fear of speaking in front of crowds of people go away for good, but it will teach you how to cope with it and deliver your speech with confidence. Here is a link with helpful communication tools to help cope and master public speaking. Having adequate communication skills to speak with confidence can also benefit you as a leader, because how you represent yourself can influence and educate your peers. It is also a helpful skill to have for promotions or during interviews.

Taking the time to practice with plenty of time prior to your speech prepares you for a smooth presentation. Reading off index cards in your head may seem helpful at the time, but can turn out differently when it’s time to present aloud to a group. Practicing in front of a mirror can also help when rehearsing your speech, so that you can see for yourself how you may appear in front of your audience. Presenting in front of a crowd can be intimidating but a public speaking course can help you overcome the anxious emotions and set you up for success. Taking the time to prepare and approach your task with a positive mindset means you will be able to calm your nerves and succeed with confidence.


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