Revolutionizing the Transition from High School to College to Career

“The mission of New Frontiers in Learning is to provide the highest quality education and social support services to young adults who learn differently. Our ongoing personalized programming is designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from individualized supports in the areas of academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Our team is committed to providing high quality support services to enable and empower young adults to meet the academic and social rigors of school and to prepare them for life-long success.”

— New Frontiers in Learning Mission Statement

New Frontiers in Learning, a tutoring and coaching program in New York City, is revolutionizing the transition from high school to college to career. Tutors at New Frontiers target the development of executive functioning skills and core academic foundations to assist a wide array of young adults.

“New Frontiers was built on the philosophy that we believe students should be able to apply, choose and go to any college that they are accepted to, and not have to choose a college based on the supports that are available to them on a specific campus,” Daniel Koffler, Founder/Executive Director of New Frontiers, said in a talk with Boston Tutoring Services. “In essence, we are filling in the gaps and providing supplementary supports so that students can go to the college of their choice, while also receiving individualized levels of tutoring and coaching that will enable them to succeed.”

New Frontiers offers coaching and tutoring during the school year, as well as winter and summer sessions, anywhere from one to five hours per week, depending on the level of need and students’ schedules. General areas of concentration include: executive functioning instruction in areas such as time management organization, self-advocacy and breaking down assignments; academic tutoring; college transition; advocating for and utilizing classroom and testing accommodations; identifying, understanding, and navigating resources on campus; and getting involved socially on campus.

They also administer a summer college readiness program for college-bound students that concentrates on the improvement of executive functioning and social skills. Other offerings include weekend excursions around New York City landmarks and events, as well as a two-week-long Summer in the City program that consists of participation in meaningful social and cultural experiences in the morning and skill-building activities such as mediated discussion, executive functioning development, leadership skills, stress management, and more in the afternoons.

New Frontiers’ main center is located at 80 Broad Street, Suite 1702 (Financial District), and they have another center located in Long Island at 1025 Northern Blvd., Suite 305, Roslyn. They provide services in Westchester and Northern NJ, and offer Skype sessions when appropriate.

For more information on New Frontiers in Learning, contact Samantha Feinman, Director, at (646)-558-0085 or You can also visit their website at

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