Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer in Plymouth

In our Summer Reading Series for 2019, we will be featuring the summer reading programs of public libraries in different towns from all over Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Let’s take a look at the Plymouth Public Library’s summer programming.

The Plymouth Public Library is blasting off with “A Universe of Stories,” a summer-long celebration of science, adventure, and storytelling! They will have programs that are sure to excite people of all ages, including robotics workshops, art classes, science magicians, outdoor concerts, and even flying dogs! Kids and teens ages 9 and up are also welcome to check out the Plymouth library’s brand-new Teen Space on the second floor, which is full of books and resources just for them.

There are also some special events planned for teens and tweens, including:

Teen Advisory Group: 1st Wednesday of the month @ 7pm. The Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is for teens who want to earn some volunteer hours and share their voice with the library! TAG provides vital assistance with library events, including the books sales in summer and winter, the Story Book Breakfast, children’s programs and so much more. Teens and tweens might help out by wearing character costumes, setting up events, helping book sale customers, and assisting with children’s craft programs. Teens will also have the opportunity to suggest and plan programs they’d like the
library to offer. In the past, this has included art classes, Harry Potter Day, and our annual Cupid’s Confections baking challenge! For ages 9 to 18. No registration is required. We will be meeting on June 5th, July 10th and August 7th.

Escape from the Rogue Planet: Saturday, June 29th @ 1pm and 2:30pm. You and your group have crash landed on a Rogue Planet. Repair the ship, plot a return course, and survive the journey home! Can you solve the puzzles, find the keys, and escape the room in one hour? Come join others, test your mental might, and enjoy a fun live action game event! First session is for ages 10-13 and second session is for ages 14-18. Registration is required.

Lunar Landing Smart Robots: Friday, July 19th @ 2pm. This workshop aims to explain and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. Students will learn basic concepts of robotics and, working in teams, they will learn coding to instruct a simple robot to move in construction challenges. A big part of the workshop is hands-on practice using a Raspberry PI. The Pi programming environment allows you to do many things with a tiny credit-card-sized computer. The set-up is easy for beginners, challenging for experienced programmers, and fun for everyone! Ages 11 and up. Registration is required.

Constellation Painting Workshop: Saturday, July 27th @ 2pm. A canvas painting experience that’ll leave your head in the stars! Learn about Aboriginal Constellation art in celebration of the summer library reading theme: A Universe of Stories.You’ll paint a galactic masterpiece that has real light-up stars! Use our templates to make your astrological sign or light up your own pattern. All materials will be provided including a battery operated strand of lights. Ages 12 and up. Registration is required.

For a full list of our upcoming events and to sign up for the summer reading program, which includes free books and other prizes, please visit the Plymouth Public Library’s website by clicking here. To register with the Plymouth library, please click here. To view other blogs in this series, click here.

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