What Post-Pandemic Tutoring Research Tells Us

Tutoring research points to intensive daily tutoring as one of the most effective ways to help academically struggling children catch up. There have been a hundred randomized control trials, but one of the most cited is of a tutoring program in Chicago high schools, where ninth and 10th graders learned an extra year or two of math from a daily dose of tutoring. That’s the kind of result that could offset pandemic learning losses, which…

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Tutoring Research Can Aid in Academic Recovery

Well before the pandemic, researchers were zeroing in on tutoring as a way to help children who were significantly behind grade level. Tutoring research shows remedial classes had generally been a failure, and researchers often saw disappointing results from after-school and summer school programs because students didn’t show up or didn’t want to go to school during vacation. But evidence for tutoring has been building for more than 30 years, as tutoring organizations designed reading…

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High Dosage Tutoring Helps Students Catch Up

Throughout 2022, the Biden administration urged schools to spend their $122 billion in federal recovery funds on tutoring to help students catch up from pandemic learning losses. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said students who had fallen behind should receive at least 90 minutes of tutoring a week. Last summer, the White House put even more muscle behind the rhetoric and launched a “National Partnership for Student Success” with the goal of providing students with high…

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