10 Ways to Make Sure Children Feel Loved and Understood

According to Love Our Children USA, every year over three million children are victims of violence and neglect. Our society seemingly focuses less on the importance of simply showing love and more on the expectations children are supposed to have. Let’s love on our kids a little extra, raise awareness for those in need, and be reminded of the fact that this should be a part our everyday lives and not just on a specific…

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Here’s How Teaching with Art Works with Every Subject

Teaching with art and incorporating art inquiry into the classroom is a powerful way to engage students with diverse learning needs, improve critical thinking and social-emotional skills and make learning relevant to students’ lives. Many teachers shy away from teaching with art, however, which causes their students to miss out on these potentially transformative learning experiences. Teaching with art creates opportunities for novelty in the classroom, which stimulates students’ minds, activating different ways of thinking…

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Using Art in Language Classes Boosts Engagement

Art is all around us. In its many forms, it presents fantastic opportunities for discussion, focused language work, and skills-based activities. However, this bottomless cultural resource is largely underused by many language teachers. Using art in language classes is a great way to boost student engagement. Let’s take a look at why that is and how to do it.  Why Use Art? Lessons based around works of art have many benefits for both the teacher…

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