Critical Thinking

Practice Getting Back into a Routine for School

Summer is coming to an end, so it’s time for your child to practice getting back into a routine for school. Getting back into a new routine is so hard for so many, but practice makes perfect. Starting the school year off on the right foot leads to good grades during the semester. The hardest part is getting back into a routine, especially if they were used to sleeping in all summer. They should be…

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The Three Modes Of Thinking

It is essential to human nature to be able to think critically and creatively. Our ability and tendency to think critically and carefully takes precedence over content knowledge, not only in the classroom but in the wider world around us. There are thought to be three different modes of thinking: lateral, divergent, and convergent thought.  Convergent thinking (using logic). This type of thinking is also called critical, vertical, analytical, or linear thinking. It generally refers…

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